When leather shoes get wet with rain

When leather shoes get wet with rain, let’s wrap the newspaper rolled into the shape of a toe immediately after returning it in shoes with tissue or kitchen paper.

At this time, if you let go of the newspaper outside, evaporation is prompted.


When the moisture runs out, put a shoe keeper to prevent shape collapse, stand up toes and dry thoroughly. Let’s shade it.


Let’s apply cream and nourish it when dry.

Ordinary care of leather shoes

For usual care of leather shoes, just brushing after wearing. Hair brush brush is suitable for brush to use.

It seems that some dirt and scratches can be taken by brushing.


It is said that frequent use of shoe creams to polish is too overkill to hurt leather.

It is desirable to use shoe keeper for storage.


Why do not you listen to sneakers fans as well as people who are interested in clothes lately? News that sells Nike Air Max.
I wonder how many times this year has entered, I think that it was exciting about airmax sales certainly just two months ago. f: id: redenism: 20150516013344j: plain


And today 16th May. It is again selling Air Max. This model is AIR MAX 90.2 months ago, was AIR MAX 90, but is it again? I felt like it could be sold out soon with pure white coloring.

I thought that this reprint is a perfect reprint. The coloring is the same as that at the time it was released in 1990. Will it be a competition after all?


Speaking of Nike Air Max, the image of 95 model is strong, but this 90 model seems to be quite popular. Or, I think that popularity has spread to the general public from this 90 model.
At that time some people wear it with emphasis on fashionability, and sneakers boasting the highest specs of the time, as it was attracted only by the functionality alone and it was a sneaker boasting the highest spec at that time, It can be said that it was existence.

And it was AIR MAX 95 that was released in the midst of a boom that became a social phenomenon, and some people say that something has been sold out without seeing the real thing for the first time in too much popularity I guess it was not.

Age without internet anyway. Speaking of sneaker information is only about magazines. Once in the picture, I can understand that it is a model of yellow color, I do not know detailed details etc.


f: id: redenism: 20150516020242j: plain As we do now, there is nothing like a manufacturer or a shop’s blog to inform us of details, where do you sell it, whether it is sold out, or somewhere yet I do not know the things like that, the moon day passed and I was forgotten when I was AIR MAX 95.


After all, it means that it has become too “oh yeah” state too much.
By the time 97 models were introduced thereafter, the fever of the general public was getting cold and it was greeted with “low price” concern like “selling,” and from then on, some models will appear, but then It was coming so far without being excited.


From around last year, it ranked out at shops such as select shops easily, and it has been developed like this year.
I also expressed interest in my mind without thinking of AIR MAX who happened to see it last year. At that time I did not buy it.


It may be that the flow of sneaker boom of recent times and the fact that there is air such as 90’s fashion return all over the world can cause interest in Air Max.
It is a masterpiece that became a hot topic again after all that selling. Being actually buying will not buy it, it will be interested somehow.